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Family Math & Game Nights

Call us to schedule an evening of game playing fun for the whole family! You can also use this event as a school fundraiser.

What happens?

A representative from Learning Gizmos comes to your school with a selection of our best - and most entertaining - educational games. Your school can choose either a Family Math Night or a Family Game Night.

The games for Math Nights reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, money, measurement, and other elementary and middle-school level math skills. The games for Game Nights cover language arts, geography, science, math, and critical thinking.

We teach the games to 15-20 teachers, parents, or other adult volunteers; then the families arrive for a night of fun. Everyone gets to play, and we even have prizes!

Why do it?

A Math or Game Night is not only a perfect school-wide event, it is an ingenious way to get parents involved in the educational process. It can even be an exciting fundraising opportunity. Our games can be tailored to children in grades PK-8, and they can be played in the classroom or at home.

What is the cost?

This fabulous event is just $100.00, plus a nominal mileage charge based on the distance from our store in Warren, MI. Schools more than 40 miles away will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

To schedule a Family Math or Game Night:

Call Learning Gizmos at 586-757-8488 or 800-647-1234.

FOR LAKELAND, FLORIDA EVENTS: please call Laura at 586-467-2100.

You can also reach us through our Contact Page.

PLEASE NOTE: Learning Gizmos personnel are only available for Family Math & Game Nights in Metro Detroit and in the Lakeland, FL area.

We are happy to offer our exclusive Family Math Night and Family Game Night Kits to schools which are out of our immediate area. These kits come complete with games and instructions for organizing your own event. Please contact Nancy Korte for more information.

Title I Eligibility

Family Math & Game Nights may be covered by Title I funds. For more information about registering your school's event as a Title I activity, please contact Nancy Korte.

Set up a family math & game night

Some of the delicious food offered at our EATTS events.

EATTS (EAT At a Terrific Teacher Store)

School administrators! It has never been easier to:

  • Save money for your school
  • Support a local business
  • Treat your teachers to a tasty, nutritious lunch
...simply schedule an EATTS event at Learning Gizmos!

This is a wonderful event for teachers. The program begins with a memorable shopping experience in our retail store. Your teachers are free to browse our 6,000 square feet of space neatly loaded with essentials for preschool through high school classrooms. On the day of your event, every item your teachers select will be 10% OFF OUR REGULAR PRICE!

Then, as a grand finale to the shopping experience, Learning Gizmos will treat everyone in the group to a FREE* lunch or dinner served right in our teacher resource room! Your staff will dine on pasta, salads, rolls, dessert and beverages.

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?

To schedule an EATTS event for your school:

Call Learning Gizmos at 586-757-8488 or 800-647-1234. You can also reach us through our Contact Page.

*Restrictions apply, please contact us for details.
Please note: EATTS events are only held in our Warren, MI store.

schedule an eatts event

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We are happy to announce a new division of Learning Gizmos:
Learning Gizmos - Family!

And the return of our 4th sister:
Laura Gaida

In the past year, Laura has visited 55+ facilities, including independent living, assisted living, recreation centers and senior groups. As Laura interacted with many different types of senior adults, she found that the people who like to play games really like to play games that are challenging, well thought out – and of course - high quality games that are reasonably priced. People also loved it when family members and friends of ALL GENERATIONS could play the same game with no one feeling left out. She also learned that no matter what your age, it feels good to exercise your brain, listen to stories from young and old, and spend quality time together – creating lasting memories.

Keeping these valuable lessons in our thoughts, we will continually bring you products to help bridge generations and create lasting memories, while improving your concentration, problem solving, memory and small motor skills – just to name a few!

In our catalog, you will find games like:  

Word A Round – a word game that builds focus, reflexes and vocabulary.

Quoridor – a 2-4 player strategic planning and problem solving Coffee Table Game! These gorgeous games make great gifts and will become family heirlooms.

Museum Quality Puzzles – World War II aircrafts and warships, history of trains, vintage cars, tools, fun fish, dinosaurs and beautiful scenery.

Laura is always willing to talk to you about our products and services. Please email or give her a call.

Laura Gaida, Director
Learning Gizmos - Family
c- 586-467-2100
email lgaida@learninggizmos.com


what they're saying...

...about our Family Math & Game Nights:

"Family Game Night is a wonderful way to bring families and school staff members together for a common goal: to have fun and learn together!"

-Jari, Hamilton Elementary



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